Thursday, March 20, 2008


Im really sorry about the few little missing details:D (and few typing errors; singing=signing:D)

First af all, the personal info WONT be sendet anywhere else except to your partner after the matches have been made

Second of all, i changed the rules a bit... im going to make the matches according to the sizes of the soakers/longies AND the amount of them people are willing to knit. So it isnt anymore 1 pair of longies or two soakers.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Signing up, how do i do that?

If you like to join this swap, send an email to solongswap (at) gmail (dot) com with the answers to the follogwing questions:

  1. Name + the address where you want the package to be sended to
  2. Your blog/website address + your ravelry name
  3. Do you or the baby/child have allergies that needs to be concidered when knitting the soakers/longies?
  4. Age of the baby/child + gender + (name)
  5. Are you willing to ship international?
  6. Do you want to knit soakers or longies?
  7. How many soakers/longies would you be willing to knit?
  8. Which do you want to receive, soakers or longies?
  9. Anything else you like to share?

After singing up, i will invite you to join this blog

Personal information wont be sendet to anyone else except your swap partner

I will also post a questionarie soon so that everyone can get to know each other. Please post the questionarie to your own blog (with the answers of course:D)

The rules

There has to be some rules:D

  1. Use yarn that is suitable for soakers/longies
  2. The swap is going to be done as a round, so the person you are knitting for isnt the one who is knitting for you ( this might change because im trying to make the matches so that they fit on which size you want to get the soakers/longies and which size you want to knit them and how many soakers/longies people are willing to knit)
  3. This is going to be an anonymous swap (unless you guys want it otherwise?)
  4. you need to have a blog or a website
  5. After the matches have been made, remember to contact your partner by leaving a comment into her blog/website. After that comment/contact her atleast once a week
  6. Ubdate your own blog atleas every two weeks
  7. The package should also include something for the baby/child (a toy or something like that) and maybe for the mum as well
  8. Minimum expenditure for this swap is 10$-15$ (not including the shipping or the yarn used for the soakers/longies)
  9. After you´ve shipped the package, email the tracking code to your partner and for solongswap (at) gmail (dot) com
  10. When you receive your package, post a picture here in blog

Why did i want to start this swap

Well, i have three kids but until now i wasnt interested about clothdiapering etc at all, but since my youngest one was born in the beginning of March i somehow got very into knitting soakers and clothdiapering (actually i still havent used a singe clothdiaper for my baby, but i will do that as soon as i have enough of diapers ready). And i noticed that there´s lots of people who clothdiaper AND knit their own soakers/longies... so thats why i wanted to start this swap, getting soaker/longies knitting people together to share and swap:)


Welcome to the SoLong-swap (aka. Soakers and Longies swap)!
This is my first time as a swap-hostess (could somebody please tell me how to spell that word:D) so if there´s anything that needs to be corrected etc. please let me know:)
And of course, if someone knows how to make a cute button or a header for this swap, please let me know ;)
I hope we have fun!